Mr. Jefferson Monticello Root Beer

Mr. Jefferson Monticello Root BeerBottle and Label: Label is pretty plain looking with a small picture of Monticello. The highlight is little blurb about the origins and ingredients of the brew

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, honey, root beer extract #214, root beer extract #79-400, citric acid, sodium benzoate, yucca, vanilla

Smell: First smell was strong vanilla that faded shortly after opening the bottle and became more wintergreen. When I poured the bottle into my mug I noticed more licorice smell

Carbonation: Low level of carbonation but still just enough to avoid feeling flat. At first I thought it was too low and then I noticed it didn’t really hit until the back of my mouth

Color: Dark amber

Head: Tall head but not overly foamy. Doesn’t have the soapy look of some other brews

Flavor: Vanilla and honey prove dominant and leave this brew tasting a bit medicinal. It’s not over done and the vanilla helps keep things smooth and it avoids the bitter aftertaste that some medicinal brews tend to have

Conclusion: Mr. Jefferson Monticello Root Beer tastes like a throwback. By that I mean it tastes like something you might make if you tried a home brew. Like something you might find made at a county fair in small batches. I don’t know if that is the case with this brew but it makes it endearing to me. This one is definitely worth a try and especially if you like a brew that favors honey

RBR’s Grade- B


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