The Soda Gallery- Dallas, TX

This morning, since my wife is gone for the weekend to help my sister-in-law move into college, I decided to make a day trip over to Dallas to visit the Soda Gallery. It was probably a month ago that I discovered their website and I immediately knew I needed to make it over there at some point. The Soda Gallery is about a 45 minute drive from where I live so it makes replenishing root beer supplies much easier than driving to Pop’s in Arcadia, OK (about 4 hours away).

It was nice to go on a Saturday morning because the traffic wasn’t bad and The Soda Gallery was practically empty. I snapped a few pictures that I post at the end of the blog. It’s a neat little place with a lot of vintage soda pop decor as well as a nice bit of local art. The friendly man working the front told me that they were having an art show that evening featuring local artist’s take on Star Wars, Star Wars costumes, and beverages provided by the Saint Arnold Brewery. It is really the opposite of Pop’s. Where Pop’s is appealing because of the unique and modern architecture, The Soda Gallery is appealing because of how vintage the shop feels. It is definitely a hip place to go if you are searching out a new brew to try.

All that to say, my mission this morning was a success. I came away with six new brews and a six pack of Henry Weinhard’s Black Cherry Cream Gourmet Soda (one of my favorite non-root beer beverages). It cost me a total of $27 which is not bad and is comparable to Pop’s which charges $2 per bottle of pop.

If you are ever in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are in need of some refreshment I highly recommend The Soda Gallery. It’s a unique place, with a cool environment, and a great selection of pops from all over.