Thanks For The Good Times, Dublin Dr. Pepper

If you follow food news at all you probably heard about big Dr. Pepper shutting down the famous small town bottler of Dublin Dr. Pepper. This news really saddened me. I certainly prefer a good root beer to Dr. Pepper but sometimes you just need something different and Dublin Dr. Pepper was a fine example of a mainstream soda done right.

Today I’m slowly sipping one of my last two bottles of Dublin Dr. Pepper. I received a six pack for Christmas. For weeks I’ve let those last two bottles sit in the fridge. It was hard to open this one knowing that once it was open I would be down to just one final bottle of this classic beverage.

Oh sure, I know Dr. Pepper sells their own version with real cane sugar, but there’s something special about drinking it in a Dublin bottle and knowing that it came from a small bottling plant that had been the sole proprietor of Dublin Dr. Pepper for many years.  I can still get that classic Dr. Pepper taste but nothing will ever be able to capture the elusive “Dublin feel.” The feeling of knowing that in buying a bottle you were supporting a small family business. The feeling of knowing that the six pack sitting in your fridge was helping keep a small Texas town in jobs and on the map. The feeling of being a part of one of the most special traditions in the wide world of soda pop.

So I say farewell to Dublin Dr. Pepper in the best way I know how: savoring my last bottles  on a surprisingly warm Kansas afternoon in January. Cheers, to Dublin Dr. Pepper and the people who kept this fine soda pop tradition alive for so long. Thanks for the good times. Thanks for the memories.