Dorothy’s Isle of Pines Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Brown bottle with a unique label design that trumpets “root beer” loud and clear

Ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn sweetener, natural and artificial flavor, caramel color, sodium benzoate (preservative), citric acid, acacia and quillaia extract

Smell: Strong wintergreen and mild licorice smell from the bottle. After being poured, the smell becomes very mild vanilla coming to the forefront

Carbonation: Low level of carbonation but just enough to avoid a flat mouthfeel. Definitely what I would call a smooth brew in terms of carbonation

Color: Dark amber

Head: Medium head that dissipates very quickly after being poured

Flavor: The flavor is a lot like the smell after being poured: quite mild. There is a slightly medicinal aftertaste but it is not overly strong. The flavor has some honey hints that add to the smoothness and also to the mild flavor as honey flavored root beers (in my experience) tend to have a more mild overall taste

Conclusion: Dorothy’s Isle of Pines Root Beer would be a great brew to try if you like a more mildly flavored beverage. The flavor and the smooth carbonation make this a good one to drink slowly and savor. It won’t be for everyone but the generally solid (if a bit weak) flavor should appeal to many. I’m not a big fan of the aftertaste of this brew but it is not strong enough to keep it from rising to a slightly above average rating for me.

RBR’s grade- C+


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