Johnnie Ryan Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Clear bottle with a very minimalistic brown and cream label

Ingredients: Carbonated water,cane  sugar, citric acid, sodium benzoate, natural and artificial flavor, caramel color

Smell: A very syrupy smell from the bottle. I can’t really think of a word to describe it. Sour. Maybe. Once poured the sour smell disappears completely and more traditional licorice and wintergreen take over

Carbonation: Medium-low level of carbonation provides a nice mix of smoothness and bite.

Color: Dark amber

Head: When poured in my tall frosty mug there is a nice tall head. It dissipated very quickly and had disappeared completely within seconds of being poured

Flavor: The most dominant flavors are honey and vanilla. There is a definite medicinal element but it stays away from the cough syrup flavorings of some other brews. The traditional wintergreen and licorice elements are present too but they play second fiddle to the honey and vanilla

Conclusion: I confess. When I first smelled Johnnie Ryan Root Beer I thought I was going to have to drink another medicinal monstrosity. Thankfully, the rather odd smell was followed by a tasty, if slightly odd, root beer. I really like the smoothness of this root beer and it does medicinal the right way by balancing the honey and vanilla with the wintergreen and licorice. If you like smooth root beers you should definitely give this one a try.

RBR’s grade- B-


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