Root Beer Reviews for the Rest of Us Reader’s Choice Awards #2

Here it is folks! Our second reader’s choice awards! Here are the rules:

1. A brew must have at least 14 votes to be considered

2. The point value is as follows- A=5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0

3. The points are the total of the votes received as of today

4. The winning brews get added to a special “reader’s choice” category on the blog to make them easy to find and to distinguish them from all the other brews

The winners are…

1. Virgil’s Root Beer Party Keg- 37 Votes totaling 155 points

2. Boylan’s Root Beer– 35 Votes totaling 146 points

3. A&W Root Beer– 33 Votes totaling 110 points

4. Sprecher Root Beer– 25 Votes totaling 104 points

5. IBC Root Beer– 26 Votes totaling 83 points

Special Honors…

Once again this year Saint Arnold Root Beer didn’t make the top five but it continues to be a standout in the polls:

Saint Arnold Root Beer– 14 votes (All of them A’s) totaling 70 points


So there you have it! The second Root Beer Reviews for the Rest of Us Reader’s Choice Awards! It looks like a lot of the same brews continue to be popular but there are a number that just missed making the list. So if your root beer of choice didn’t make it this year be sure to vote for the one you prefer and lobby support for your favorite! Maybe when we do our next Reader’s Choice Awards your pick will be in the top five.

As always, thanks to everyone who swings by the blog to check out the reviews. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and I hope that (even if you disagree with my conclusions) the website has helped you delve deeper into the wonderful world of root beer.



One thought on “Root Beer Reviews for the Rest of Us Reader’s Choice Awards #2

  1. Wow! It looks like everybody just picked the ones that were generic and that can be found anywhere. That’s pretty sad. Captain Eli’s owns all of those….. but of course no body has ever tried it because Captain Eli’s is hard to find.

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