Lost Trail Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Brown bottle and predominantly brown label that touts the “real sugar” the brew is made with and features a nice little story from the 19th century about root beer.

Ingredients: Filtered Carbonated Water, sugar, natural and artificial flavors,  caramel color, benzoate of soda (preservative), citric acid

Smell: Smell from the bottle is fairly strong with a nice balance of wintergreen and licorice. The wintergreen smell becomes dominant when it is poured.

Carbonation: Medium carbonation that offers a nice bite and mouth-feel without overwhelming the flavor

Color: Dark amber

Head: Very tall and with a nice thick foam that lasts for a long time. This would be an excellent choice for a float!

Flavor: “Well balanced” and “classic” are the words I would choose to describe the flavor of this brew. The traditional root beer elements are all here with vanilla probably coming through as dominant and offering a nice, smooth flavor. There’s no bad aftertaste either.

Conclusion: After the last root beer I reviewed, this was a pleasant surprise. Lost Trail Root Beer doesn’t try and do anything fancy. This is just good solid root beer through and through. The taste is strong but smooth and would be good with a meal, a float, or just to sit and savor after a long day at work. Sometimes a brew gets high marks for succeeding at being different and sometimes a brew gets high marks for doing the classic formula better than almost everyone else. This brew is the latter. Good. Solid. Root Beer. Editor’s Choice.

RBR’s Grade- A- (Editor’s Choice)


3 thoughts on “Lost Trail Root Beer

  1. There’s a store out here in Cincinnati called Jungle Jim’s international market which prides itself on finding new and unusual foods, drinks, beers and wines from all over the world. And they carry about 20 different rootbeers. Lost Trail is one of my favorites there because, like you said, it’s not unusual or unique just a consistently good experience. They also carry Saranac 1888 out of New York which pleases the hell out of me as well. 🙂 Take care.

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