Frostop Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Brown bottle with a colorful label that touts the foaminess of this root beer and the fact that it has been in existence since 1926

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, corn syrup, pure cane  sugar, caramel color, artificial and natural flavors, phosphoric acid and less than 1/10 of 1% of sodium benzoate to preserve freshness

Smell: The smell from the bottle definitely favors wintergreen and vanilla. The vanilla adds a nice smoothness to the smell. Once poured, a licorice smell become dominant

Carbonation: Medium-Low level of carbonation gives this brew a smooth feeling without being flat. It balances flavor and bite very well

Color: Almost black

Head: Head is very tall, foamy, and long lasting. It went all the way to the top of my frosty mug and took a couple of minutes to completely disappear. If you like a foamy head you’d like this brew

Flavor: Very solid here. It starts out with a very traditional flavor and adds some nice vanilla and honey hints. There’s not a hint of unpleasant aftertaste. Just like the carbonation, the flavor here is very smooth

Conclusion: The hot summer is finally over in Texas. Sweet relief! I don’t know about everyone else, but I love an ice cold root beer on a pleasantly warm day. It lets me enjoy both the weather and the brew. Frostop Root Beer is a winner in every department for me. It has a great smell, a foamy head, smooth carbonation, and a strong flavor with some nice vanilla and honey hints. It might be just a little bit sweeter than most root beers, but it works very well for this brew. If you like a smooth root beer, you owe it to yourself to hunt this one down. I give this one my highest recommendation. Frostop Root Beer is an Editor’s Choice.

RBR’s Grade- A


7 thoughts on “Frostop Root Beer

  1. Well written review! Thanks. I’m going to head out to my Soda Rack and find the Frostop to enjoy this afternoon.
    Earlier this month I made a trip down to The Rootbeer Store in Redmond Washington. What I expected to be a 20 min. stop ended up well over an hour. I love that place, not just for the incredible selection but, for the terrific staff. I walked away with 2 cases (48 bottles!) of a variety of root beers and vintage sodas. Unfortunately I forgot to stock up on Bulldog which is my favourite sooooo another 24 from a specialty grocery store also ended up in my trunk!
    Even if you don’t like someone else’s choices, listening to them can still steer you in the right direction. One of the guys really likes a brand that I can’t stomach. Turns out he prefers high fructose corn syrup, I prefer cane sugar! I ask what he likes, then put that on my “would rather not” list. 🙂

    • Thanks for the great comment! It’s totally true about HFC and cane sugar. There are personally some that I love that have HFC (Weinhard’s is one of my all time faves). Still, I would love to try a Weinhard’s with real sugar. Maybe some day they’ll give it a try. Who knows though, I might really dislike it since I enjoy HFC one so much.

  2. Interesting choice of comparisons for HFC and cane sugar!
    Just the other day I had a Weinhard’s and, much to my embarrassment I told someone that it was a great example of the difference between HFC and sugar. Then I looked at the label and was stunned to see the ingredients.
    I had been confusing Weinhard’s and with another grocery store available brand in my brain and avoid Weinhards because I don’t care for the other. Weinhard’s will now have a prominent spot next to my beloved Bulldog. 🙂

    • I can tell the difference between HFCs and sugar, but there’s really so much more to the flavor of a root beer than just that. If I look through my favorite root beers, it’s about a 50/50 split between sugar and HFC with the larger determining factor is if honey is present.

  3. I completely agree (again) with your review on Frostop, which happens to be my favorite root beer. I had to ask a local candy shop to contact Frostop and ask to become a retailer, which they became, and they quickly became a big fan. I tried contacting Frostop and they never returned my calls as I guess they only deal with retailers and not individual customers. When traveling through Minnesota, where it is very popular, they sell larger size plastic bottles from a special Frostop display. Keep up the good reviews. You have some palatte.

  4. Yes my name is Jason I bought the diet frosttop rootbeer. This stuff needs to pulled of the shelf right now. I just threw up from the stuff………… I love frosttop food this is not a joke people

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