So Duh! Rockin’ Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Brown bottle and a bright yellow label make this an easy one to spot on a crowded shelf. Kudos for going with something other than the traditional brown label

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, cane sugar, alfalfa honey, natural flavors, sodium benzoate, phosphoric acid, natural vanilla

Smell: Very strong wintergreen smell from the bottle. Almost like wintergreen gum. There are also some slight vanilla hints from the bottle. The smell becomes strongly medicinal when poured

Carbonation: Medium carbonation offers a nice balance of smoothness and bite

Color: Very dark amber

Head: Very short to the point of almost being negligible. The head it does muster sticks around for quite awhile

Flavor: The only word I can think to describe the flavor is “odd.” It is slightly medicinal but lacks the traditional licorice and wintergreen elements that are usually found to some degree in most root beers. In fact, this tastes more like a bad Coke knock off than root beer.

Conclusion: So Duh! Rockin’ Root Beer is decidedly not “rockin’.” This is perhaps the most un-root beer root beer I have tasted yet. It has a great smell, but the flavor totally misses the mark. The more I drank of it, the more convinced I became that it reminded me of a Coke knock off. It’s a shame because I was hoping for something more with the name of this brew.

RBR’s Grade- F


2 thoughts on “So Duh! Rockin’ Root Beer

    • I bought it (and most of my root beers) at Pop’s in Arcadia, OK. The bottle cap was just a plain red one. I keep all the unique bottle caps that I come across.

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