Gray’s Gourmet Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Brown bottle and a label that attests to the maker of this root beer having been around since 1856. Nothing too exciting but it works

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, cane sugar, malt dextrin, citric acid, natural flavors, caramel coloring, and sodium benzoate

Smell: Strong wintergreen smell from the bottle with a nice hint of licorice to balance it out. The licorice smell becomes stronger after it is poured

Carbonation: High carbonation gives a nice bite from beginning to end and manages to do it without overwhelming the flavor

Color: Almost black

Head: Short but pretty foamy and lasts for quite awhile

Flavor: This brew has a very strong traditional flavor. The licorice and wintergreen are dominant with licorice being the strongest flavor. The strong flavor works well with the heavy carbonation and there is no bad aftertaste

Conclusion: Gray’s Root Beer is another robust root beer. It has a strong smell and a strong flavor. If I could think of one word to describe it I would use, “refreshing.” This is a perfect root beer for a hot summer day. In fact, as I’m drinking this it is upwards of 110 degrees outside and so I am finding it particularly enjoyable. This is a perfect summer brew and the strong flavor would make it a great compliment to a meal.

RBR’s Grade- B


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