Thomas Kemper Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Nicely designed bottle that clearly states the brand and beverage. I tend to prefer simple bottle designs and this one gets it just right

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, cane sugar, maltodextrin, honey, caramel color, natural flavors, sodium benzoate (for freshness), gum acacia, phosphoric acid, salt, and vanilla extract

Smell: Robust wintergreen and vanilla smell from the bottle with a nice licorice smell coming through when it is poured

Carbonation: Medium-low level of carbonation gives this brew a smooth feeling without being too flat

Color: Dark amber

Head: Extremely tall, foamy, and long lasting. I could not pour the entire bottle into my frosty mug without stopping to let the foam go down a bit. Even more than two minutes after being poured the head was still nice and foamy

Flavor: Nice, smooth flavor with honey and vanilla being dominant. This is also a nicely balanced brew with the flavors coming together nicely for a pleasing overall experience. There is also no bad aftertaste

Conclusion: Thomas Kemper Root Beer is everything a root beer should be. It has a great smell, a great head, a wonderful flavor, and enough complexity for even discerning root beer drinkers to enjoy. This root beer should definitely be on your short list. If you find it somewhere, don’t hesitate to pick up a bottle and give it a try yourself. This brew earns a coveted “Editor’s Choice” award and a regular place in my fridge.

RBR’s Grade- A-(Editor’s Choice)


4 thoughts on “Thomas Kemper Root Beer

  1. If I counted places right, Thomas Kemper scored 49th at the great american root beer show down…{“Drinkable with no stand-out characteristics.” Although some found it to be too much fizz without enough flavor, which lowered its score: “Very fizzy! I like that. However, it tastes like little or nothing.” “Smells like gingerbread cookies. Why does this taste like its been bottled in mold? Musty and weak” – Score: 2.83}…Oh well… you just have to find your own personal favorite and take the experts opinions with a grain of salt…(or should I say sarsaparilla)…but it is fun reading the reviews..Long Live Root Beer

    • That’s why, even in brews I don’t like, I try to point out the characteristics that others might appreciate. Reviewing food is very subjective and a negative root beer review should not deter a person from trying something if they think they might like it. My wife and I like totally different things in a root beer. I might give some brew an “A” while someone else might give it an “F.” Chances are we like different things in a root beer. Probably the best thing to do would be to find a reviewer who has similar taste and use their reviews as a guideline.

      There’s a lot of great root beer review websites out there and I recommend reading all of them. The more people learn about the joys of root beer the better!

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