Thomas Kemper Draft Root Beer at Cousin’s BBQ

Do you live in or plan on visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Well, if you do Cousin’s BBQ not only has great food but also Thomas Kemper Draft Root Beer! I ordered the medium, 18oz size, and they served it to me in an awesome frosted glass. They did not put in any ice so I got to enjoy the root beer from beginning to end without it getting watered down. Since I don’t have it here to do my usual review format I’ll give a brief rundown.

Carbonation- Medium-High. A good bit of bite here but not enough to mask the flavor

Flavor- This is a very “vanilla-ee” root beer. I liked it. It had a smooth flavor with some hints of honey providing a nice smoothness.

Conclusion- Thomas Kemper on draft is a solid choice. It is perfect with BBQ and the way they serve it at Cousin’s really is a treat. Do yourself a favor and try it if you get the chance!

RBR’s Grade- B


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