The Pop Shoppe Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Clear bottle with a red label that touts it as “Canada’s Original Since 1969.” The label is in both English and French.

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, sugar/glucose-fructose, natural and artificial flavour, colour, caramel colour, and phosphoric acid

Smell: Licorice and cough syrup is the best way I can describe the smell from the bottle with the cough syrup smell becoming more pronounced the longer the bottle is open

Carbonation: Medium level of carbonation that provides a good balance of smoothness and bite. No flatness here but also no overuse of carbonation so that it hides the flavor

Color: Coffee brown

Head: Very slight head but what little head there is remains foamy for a good bit of time when poured in my frosted mug

Flavor: The flavor here is definitely medicinal, but it is less offensive than I thought it would be. There are hints of honey and vanilla that provide some nice complexity. The aftertaste is definitely medicinal, but it is slightly sweet rather than bitter

Conclusion: The Pop Shoppe Root Beer is the type of brew I typically dislike. With its strong medicinal hints, my initial smell of this brew did not give me high hopes. That said, as soon as I tasted it I realized there was a nice bit of complexity to the flavor of this brew. It’s flavor is actually pretty weak as the typically strong root beer elements of licorice and wintergreen are mostly absent. However, it’s really not bad. In fact, if you need to try something different then this brew would likely be worth your time. You might hate it, but at least there is an effort to do something different with this root beer and it pulls it off fairly well

RBR’s Grade- B-


One thought on “The Pop Shoppe Root Beer

  1. hey was just wondering if anyone has any information on pop shoppe bottles 850ML clear made or distributed in Toronto all white writing on the back? looking to find out what year they were made, and if possible what they would be worth now a days as i cannot find anything on pop shoppe’s older history pre 2004 when they re opened, thanks anything would be much appreciated

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