Rugged Mountain Root Beer

Rugged Mountain Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Green bottle and red label that stand out from the clear and brown bottles typically found on shelves

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, evaporated cane juice, natural flavors, spices, and citric acid

Smell: Strong wintergreen smell from the bottle. When poured the smell is less wintergreen and more medicinal

Carbonation: Medium-low carbonation that is actually pretty nicely balanced. Overall a pretty good mouthfeel

Color: Clear like Sprite

Head: Medium head, fairly foamy, and does not dissipate overly rapidly

Flavor: Straight up cough syrup. Maybe the “artificial color” is what makes root beer taste like root beer (not) and they need to use it. Very medicinal and even a bit fruity. This is not grape pop. It’s not supposed to be fruity.

Conclusion: Can Rugged Mountain Root Beer even be called root beer? I guess going “all natural” in this case does not yield pleasing results. I’ve had another “all natural” brew (Maine Root) and it was quite tasty. This one is simply not good at all. I see nothing redeeming about this brew. I don’t hand my lowest grade very often, but this brew certainly earns it.

RBR’s Grade- F


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