IBC Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Dark brown bottle with no label and only raised lettering to tell you what it contains. I like this design with the only downside being I have to look at the case to get the ingredients

Ingredients: Carbonated Water,high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sodium benzoate (preservative), natural and artificial flavors, modified food starch, citric acid

Smell: Strong traditional smell from the bottle with wintergreen and licorice being dominant. The wintergreen becomes even stronger after it is poured. I would say this has the strongest wintergreen smell of any brew I’ve come across thus far

Carbonation: IBC has a higher level of carbonation than most and you can feel it as soon as it hits the tongue. This gives the brew great bite but also masks some of the flavor

Color: Dark brown color

Head: Tall and very foamy. I had to wait for the head to dissipate before I could pour the entire bottle into my frosted mug

Flavor:  The strong smell carries over to the flavor. IBC has a stout and very traditional flavor. I notice a lot of licorice in the flavor with some vanilla adding smoothness. It has a very slight medicinal aftertaste that is just enough to be noticeable.

Conclusion: There’s a reason you can find IBC Root Beer all over the place. It’s a brew that’s easy to like. It has a flavor that puts it on the high end of mainstream root beers. It’s definitely better and more refined than an A&W or Barq’s, but it’s not quite good enough to break into the top ranks. That said, it’s a great root beer to enjoy with food or as a float. The strong flavor makes sure that whatever you are eating it with does not overpower the root beer. If you ever need a root beer that will be a sure crowd pleaser, IBC Root Beer should definitely be on your short list.

RBR’s Grade- B


10 thoughts on “IBC Root Beer

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  2. Sadly, IBC was bought by Cadbury-Schweppes and now contains high fructose corn syrup instead of cane sugar — it was much better without the hfcs; now it has undertones of a slightly fruity flavor but still maintains much of its satisfying signature flavor. As a result of the recipe tampering I no longer stock IBC as my ‘house root beer’ — I’m searching for a replacement…

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  4. IBC has been a long time favorite root beer of mine. its the root beer I always run back to and judge root beers off of.
    your review gave it a “B” which I can appreciate. I was the one that asked you to make this review if you recall and hopefully Im not wrong in saying congrats on the baby?
    I do have a question however. you did like the root beer and I would consider this review pretty good coming from you, but what would be your “top rank” list??

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  6. brent212 you are stupid ibc is the best root beer EVER i have not had the cream soada but the root beer is much better than a&w

  7. New Root Beer with Cane Sugar now tastes like diet. It was great before, if you keep it with the cane sugar, I will no longer be purchasing it.

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