Faygo Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Clear bottle with brown labels. It has a minimalistic look and is not very distinguishable. The font used is nice and looks very vintage

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Caramel Color, Potassium Benzoate (as preservative), Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Gum Acacia

Smell: Very nice vanilla smell with hints of wintergreen and honey from the bottle. Smell isn’t nearly as strong after being poured but it is still pleasant

Carbonation: A very low level of carbonation makes this brew feel a bit flat

Color: Dark brown, almost black

Head: Very tall and fizzy head. It’s not very foamy or long lasting but it will certainly put on a show as you are pouring

Flavor:  This brew is the definition of a mild root beer. It has a nicely balanced flavor but one that is decidedly weaker than most. The dominant flavors are vanilla with just a splash of honey. It also has a good mouthfeel and does not leave any weird aftertaste

Conclusion: Faygo Root Beer is an interesting brew. When I first tasted it I thought I was going to hate it. Initially, I thought it was watered down and weak with very little flavor. Thankfully, I gave it a few more sips before drawing any firm conclusions. While it certainly does not have a strong flavor it does have a very pleasing and smooth flavor. If you enjoy a smooth root beer to drink and savor by itself than you should certainly give this one a look. If you like stronger, more pronounced flavors, you might want to look elsewhere

RBR’s Grade- B



One thought on “Faygo Root Beer

  1. I agree with your review. Faygo actually did last a little longer on the palatte than most root beers and the lingering flavor was a natural tasting root beer, not chemically.

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