Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer

Bottle and Label: Dark brown bottle with a nice yellow and blue label that wears the “old fashioned” badge well.

Ingredients: Carbonated water,  cane sugar, caramel color, sodium benzoate, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors.

Smell: Smell has a strong wintergreen odor that is very pleasing. It is the definitely the dominant smell so you may not like it if you don’t like wintergreen.

Carbonation: Light carbonation leaves the beverage a little flat. There is a hint of bite at the back of the mouth but not enough to keep this brew from tasting just a little flat.

Color: Very dark in color. It appears almost black in some light.

Head: Medium head that doesn’t last very long, but produces a pretty good amount of foam.

Flavor: Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer has a pleasing flavor that has wintergreen as the dominant flavor. Fortunately, this is not overpowering and just enough other flavors get through to make the brew enjoyable. It has a very slight aftertaste that is a bit metallic.

Conclusion: Dad’s is a brew that is slightly above average. It gets a lot of things right, but does not excel in any of them. It would be a great brew to chug on a hot afternoon when you are more concerned with quenching your thirst than savoring a complex root beer. It would also make a good root beer float brew because the flavors would meld well with vanilla ice cream. Overall, this is a good brew to start what I like to call the “Summer Root Beer Season” with. If you see Dad’s on the shelf it is worth a swig and would definitely be a good choice at a BBQ as its inoffensive flavor should find many fans among the less root beer inclined.

RBR’s Grade- B-


7 thoughts on “Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer

  1. Literally drinking this for the first time right now. Oddly, I don’t detect the wintergreen that I’m used to with most root beers I’ve tasted.

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