Americana Root Beer

Americana Root BeerBottle and Label: Brown bottle with a classy blue and black label that is different from many bottles and makes it easy to spot on a crowded shelf.

Ingredients: Carbonated water,  cane sugar, natural and artificial flavor, honey, caramel color, and sodium benzoate as a preservative, extract of vanilla, licorice and sassafras root bark, citric acid, and phosphoric acid.

Smell: This is what a root beer should smell like. After my last review, I’m grateful that this brew smells like a root beer should. It has a rich licorice and wintergreen smell from the bottle that is even stronger after being poured.

Carbonation: Medium-low level of carbonation. The bite does not really hit until you start to swallow, but this brew manages a nice balance of carbonation that does not take anything away from the flavor.

Color: Nice, dark brown color that lets just a little bit of light through.

Head: Very short head with very little foam. If you like a foamy brew, this is not one of them.

Flavor: Americana Root Beer is a very good brew. After the disaster that was my last review, I’m happy to be drinking something that tastes like root beer again. Americana is able to rise above the pack by crafting a brew that offers traditional flavor with a twist of honey and vanilla. That mix flavors makes this brew taste very creamy. In fact, I would liken the aftertaste of the brew to that of a cream soda. Overall, Americana has a pleasing flavor that should especially appeal to those who like cream soda.

Conclusion: Americana Root Beer is another brew that hails from the great Northwest (Weinhard’s is another). It is obvious from the first smell of this brew that it is going to be a quality beverage. It has the right mix of traditional root beer flavor with the added twist of honey and vanilla. The brew also does a good job of not letting the honey flavor overwhelm the rest of the brew. The only real weak point in this brew is the head. Those of you who like foamy root beers will be turned off by the decided lack of bubbliness this brew possess. That said, if you like good root beer and you see this on store shelf, you should give it a try.

RBR’s Grade- B+


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