Fitz’s Premium Root Beer

FitzsBottle and Label: Colorful, well designed label that lets the drinker know they are getting what Fitz’s believes to be a premium beverage.

Ingredients: “Original recipe since 1947”- states the label. Filtered carbonated water, cane sugar, natural flavors, caramel color,vanillin, sodium benzoate (a preservative), and citric acid.

Smell: Very strong, but pleasing smell with recognizable wintergreen and licorice elements.

Carbonation: Medium level of carbonation with just the right amount of bite. Smooth, but not too smooth. Fitz’s nails the carbonation level.

Color: Lighter brown than many brews. I can actually see my computer monitor through my glass mug and I have not seen that level of transparency. That said, the color looks good in a glass.

Head: Very short head with little foam that dissipates quickly when poured in a frosted mug.

Flavor: This brew has a pleasing and very smooth flavor. The part of the flavor that distinguishes this brew from others is the nice hint of vanilla. The vanilla gives the brew a smooth flavor from start to finish and leaves no bitter aftertaste.

Conclusion: Fitz’s Premium Root Beer certainly lives up to the name. While the head is a little shorter than what I like in a brew, the excellent smell, color, and flavor more than make up for the weak head. This is one of those brews that is not polarizing. Unlike Gale’s with its nontraditional cinnamony flavor that might alienate some, Fits’z checks every box and does so in such a way that everyone should like it. Of all the “Editor’s Choice” brews, Fits’z is what I would characterize as the most traditional in terms of flavor and that is likely because they have been using the same recipe since 1947. What sets it apart from other merely “average” root beers is the smooth flavor the vanilla leaves behind and the perfect level of carbonation. If you see this brew on the shelf, don’t give it a second thought, buy it. Fits’z Premium Root Beer earns the coveted “Editor’s Choice” award that is reserved for only the finest root beer beverages.

RBR’s Grade- A (Editor’s Choice)


2 thoughts on “Fitz’s Premium Root Beer

  1. You’ve got that right. Fitz’s is a damned fine root beer.

    If you’re ever in St. Louis, don’t miss the chance to head down to University City and stop by the Fitz’s brewpub. Enjoy their “bottomless” root beer mug (I like to alternate between root beer and cream soda) and watch the bottling machinery go.

  2. Nice review. I just posted my review of Fitz’s and had similar thoughts about the carbonation and smoothness. I concur with Robotech_Master’s comment about visiting the brewpub. It’s worth the trip.

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