Stewart’s Root Beer

stewarts root beerBottle and Label: Brown bottle with a nicely designed label that features a mug of root beer brimming with foam and about to over flow.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, natural and artificial flavor, sodium benzoate (a preservative), citric acid, quillaia extract, gum acacia, yucca extract.

Smell: Excellent rooty smell. Very traditional with a hint of wintergreen.

Carbonation: Heavy carbonation that is noticeable from the tip of the tongue all the way to the back of the mouth. The bite is heavy enough that it can be difficult to try and discern the actual flavor of the beverage.

Color: A pleasing dark brown color that lets in just enough light so that it does not appear black.

Head: Medium head that dissipates pretty quickly when poured.

Flavor: I already stated in the carbonation section that the amount of “bite” in this brew is on the heavy side. It makes it extremely difficult to tell what the actual flavor of this brew is like. The best way to describe the flavor of this brew is that it is like a any other mainstream root beer. There is nothing that really sets it apart in terms of flavor and nothing that is really bad about the flavor. It is simply average.

Conclusion: Stewart’s Root Beer is one of those brews that looks like it belongs on the shelf right next to best. The bottle and label are appealing and the nice smell and head give it the right formula for success. In fact, their website states the following about this root beer, “The flavor has been hand-crafted from a secret blend of over 20 extract varieties of roots, herbs and berries — resulting in the creamiest, best tasting root beer ever made! This is the fastest growing micro soda Root Beer in the USA.” Unfortunately, the flavor is merely average. A good comparison would be a mainstream brand like A&W (which could be why it sells so well; it doesn’t stray far from the tried and true flavor formula of the mainstream brews). That is to say, it is not a bad root beer and would undoubtedly be a fine choice for most people. However, if you like something a little more complex or something that does not overwhelm the flavor with carbonation than you will have to look elsewhere.

RBR’s Grade- C


2 thoughts on “Stewart’s Root Beer

  1. Seems like Stewarts DIET Root Beer is being ignored. I have a cafe in San Francisco, Toy Boat Dessert Cafe, and one of my employees, Natalie, told me Stewarts Diet Root Beer Is “The Best”..this was a year ago. I tasted it…she was right! Does not taste “diety”…customers agree. It’s next to Stewarts,SeaDog,Henry Weinhards and Sprechers.
    I was told Root Beer is sold on tap up in Oregon…I could not find this info. on the web….have any suggestions?

    Jesse @


  2. In the past few months I started reviewing root beers ( and I’m always curious to see what people say about my favorite root beer, Stewart’s and I’m surprised to see it in the middle of the pack everywhere.

    I admit it’s not the best root beer that I’ve had so far (Henry Weinhard’s holds that distinction for me) but it has always been my go-to root beer. Perhaps it’s because in high school my friends and I used to go to a Stewart’s drive-in all the time and I’m associating the root beer with awesome memories.

    I will say that it is much better out of a fountain than a bottle.

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