Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer

olde-rhode-island-molasses-root-beer-1Bottle and Label: Brown bottle with a simple and fairly non-descript brown label that gives a minimum of information

Ingredients: Natural artesian spring water, made with 100% cane sugar, natural and/or artificial flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate (preservative)

Smell: Very strong wintergreen smell from bottle that is even stronger when poured. It is difficult to distinguish any other smell.

Carbonation: Very little carbonation leaves this brew feeling a bit flat. It is smooth going down, but it needs some more bubbles.

Color: Extremely dark, almost coffee black

Head: Very tall and long lasting head. This brew has one of the best heads of foam I have seen in a root beer. The head is also a shade of brown that I have not seen in other root beers.

Flavor: Despite this brew having one of the strongest smells I have encountered in a root beer, the flavor is decidedly un-exciting and not very strong at all. Perhaps due to the lack of carbonation, but the flavor also seems a bit flat. I can taste a hint of what might be the molasses in the name of the brew, but it is so faint that it is hardly distinguishable. In this brews favor, there is absolutely no bitter aftertaste and what flavor there is is smooth from the front to the back of the mouth.

Conclusion: Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer is simply an average brew. The bottle states that it is “Made from an old New England Recipe.” It is possible that the recipe needs to be updated with a little more flavor. While the head is outstanding and taste is smooth, there is nothing to really make this brew stand out from the pack. You might like this brew if you find some root beers to be too strong or if you like something light on the carbonation. This brew would also be good in a float where the foamy head would be great and the lack of flavor is not as important because it is mixed with ice cream.

RBR’s Grade- C


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