Sparky’s Fresh Draft Root Beer

sparky's root beerBottle and Label: Dark brown bottle with a classic looking label and catchy slogan stating, “Leading the root beer revival.”

Ingredients: Carbonated filtered water, pure cane sugar, honey, natural and imitation flavorings, spices, sodium benzoate to preserve freshness, phosphoric acid and caramel color

Smell: Very strong pleasing root beer smell with a hint of black licorice in the smell. This is one of the best smelling brews that I have encountered.

Carbonation: Moderate level of carbonation with a bit of bite but not overly so.

Color: Nice, semi-transparent, dark brown color.

Head: Short, foamy head that lasts for a good deal of time.

Flavor: This brew has a unique flavor that I wasn’t sure that I liked upon my first sip. That black licorice present in the smell also comes through in the flavor. When it first hits your tongue it tastes like any other brew, but as soon as you swallow that unique flavor reveals itself as the brew passes over the back of the tongue. It took me a few sips, but I ultimately decided I liked the direction this brew took. It offers a unique flavor that is not overwhelming (like some brews that go heavy on the honey flavoring) nor was it bitter. Overall, Sparky’s offers a unique tasting root beer that should appeal to a broad audience if they can get past the initial surprise of the first taste.

Conclusion: Sparky’s Fresh Draft Root Beer is a solid brew that gets it right where it counts. The carbonation is just right, the brew leaves no bitter after taste, and it has a flavor that is unique and sets it apart from the pack. If you enjoy a root beer that offers up a unique and enjoyable root beer experience than this brew should be on your short list.

RBR’s Grade- B+


3 thoughts on “Sparky’s Fresh Draft Root Beer

  1. I agree with BC. The birch flavor was way too strong. I took my first swig from the bottle and went, “What IS that?” and not in a good way. I had to look up what the flavor was because it was so overpowering. The “Ultimate Root Beer Sampler” from Beverages Direct sent me two bottles. I think I’ll give the other one to someone else.

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