Foxon Park Draft Style Root Beer

foxon park root beerBottle and Label: Clear glass bottle with a very nondescript label. Above the ingredient list is the phrase “All-ways in good taste!” The foaming mug of root beer on the front of the label is a nice touch the lets the drinker know they are about to be treated to a good brew.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, and sodium benzoate (preservative)

Smell: Strong root beer smell with a hint of wintergreen and no bitterness

Carbonation: High level of carbonation with a strong bite from the moment it hits your tongue all the way to the back of the throat when swallowed

Color: This brew has a nice dark brown color that looks good in a glass

Head: Tall, long lasting head when poured in a frosted mug

Flavor: This brew has a great flavor that is not diminished by the extra bite from the carbonation. There is no bitter aftertaste and the flavor is what I would call highly traditional. This brew does not try to blaze any new ground in the flavor department, but that extra bit of bite (despite my usual preference for a smoother brew, this one handles the extra bite well) and well balanced flavor earn it high marks in the flavor category overall.

Conclusion:Foxon Park Draft Style Root Beer is a good example of a root beer that is not pretentious. It is good enough to appeal to the die hard root beer aficionado with it’s solid flavor. It is also familiar enough that those who prefer a straight forward brew that can be enjoyed with a meal, by itself, or in a float will appreciate. If you are looking for a good multipurpose brew this one is easy to recommend.

RBR’s Grade- B


2 thoughts on “Foxon Park Draft Style Root Beer

  1. I bought this root beer through the Root Beer Store in Washington. This store is a revolution for we root beer fans from areas of the U.S., in case the Central Coast of California, where we generally have Barq’s, Mug, and A&W, and thats about it. But BevMo and the Root Beer Store allow us to get root beers like Foxon Park. Its a good root beer. I give it a “C+” for pulling off a good taste without any special ingredients.

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