Old Town Root Beer Company Root Beer

OldTownBottle and Label: Bottle is brown with a very minimalistic label. The label was one of the things that caught my eye because it was the exact opposite of many labels. It is not modern and it is not classic but it’s plainness does work, contrary to what you might think, in helping it stand out in a crowded cooler.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, cane sugar, honey, natural and other flavors, sodium benzoate, phosphoric acid, real vanilla

Smell: Mild root beer smell with a faint bitterness

Carbonation: Moderate carbonation with a bit of bite

Color: When poured color is a medium, semi transparent, brown

Head:  Small, short head with very little fizz or foam

Flavor: This brew is interesting in  the flavor department. The honey mentioned in the ingredients list almost completely overwhelms any other flavor. When is first hits your mouth you don’t notice the honey flavor, but as soon as you swallow all you can taste is honey. While I don’t mind a tinge of honey flavor in my root beer, this brew gets it wrong by completely overwhelming any other flavors with such a concentration of honey flavoring.

Conclusion: The Old Town Root Beer Company brew is one of the weakest in the flavor department that I have had in some time. As I have said before, I tend to prefer traditional flavored root beers and those brews that can be adventurous while still maintaining some of the traditional root beer flavor. Old Town offers very little in terms of traditional root beer flavor and instead offers up more of a honey flavored carbonated beverage. If you enjoy drinking things with a honey flavor, you will probably like this. However, if you are looking for a root beer that can stand with the best, you will need to look elsewhere. That said, I would love to try other brews by this company because according to their website they have other root beers. While this recipe may not have done it for me, I hope to try some of their other concoctions at some point. Old Town gets bonus points for being different, but loses points straying too far from formula. Overall, they get a solid “C” for crafting a brew that is interesting and unique but simply does not appeal to this reviewers palate.

RBR’s Grade- C


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