Maine Root


Bottle and Label: Bottle is brown with no raised lettering. The label is brown and green and makes a point to advertise that this brew is organic.

Ingredients: Carbonated purified water, organic evaporated cane juice, spices.

Smell: Mild root beer smell with a hint of wintergreen

Carbonation: this brew has a very low level of carbonation and is very smooth

Color: When poured in a glass the root beer has a dark brown color

Head: A very large head of foam when poured into a glass, this would be a great one for root beer floats

Flavor: This root beer has good flavor and no bitter aftertaste. It is not quite as strong as what I prefer in a root beer though. Still, I would not call it watered down. It just tastes like it could use a little more “english” behind it. It is still plenty tasty with just the right blend of traditional root beer flavor and wintergreen to set apart from other brands.

Conclusion: Here is a brew that I am torn about how to rate it. It is a little bit on the weak side, but still offers a unique flavor. Plus, it is the first root beer I have tried that claims to be make from all organic ingredients. That fact alone will be a selling point to many who prefer to buy foods with the “organic” stamp on it. This also contributes to it being one of the most expensive brands I have tried. I like this brew for root beer floats especially, and it will also appeal to you if you prefer foods with an organic label.

RBR’s Grade- B


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