Why Root Beer Reviews?

When I was a teenager, I was introduced to my first gourmet root beer. From that moment I realized that not all root beers are created equal. There is a vast difference in flavor, texture, and quality of ingredients when you compare the root beer you get from Taco Bell, McDonald’s, or Wal-Mart and a finely crafted gourmet brew.

In my travels I have found that there are many different root beers out there. Some come from local breweries, so unless you happen to be passing through a state with such a brewery you may never hear of some kinds of root beer. I have also found that in order to find the best root beers you often have to look beyond your local bix box grocery store and find the more upscale grocery stores. These more expensive stores are where I usually have the most luck finding new brews to try.

To sum it all up: root beer comes in so many different brews with so many subtly different flavors that having a source to turn to in order to pick the just the right one is very valuable.

One disclaimer: Reviewing root beer is very subjective. There are bound to be some brews that I give low marks that you will absolutely love. That is one reason why I chose a blogging medium so that you can give your feedback as well.

The only thing left now is for my reviews to start. This will be a gradual process, but as time goes on this blog will become the home to a growing number of root beer reviews which I hope you will find useful and informative.


3 thoughts on “Why Root Beer Reviews?

  1. I agree completely. It’s all about the taste of the drinker. I grew up on Barq’s, so I love that, but it’s nice to try other varieties. I’ll have to go check some out. Any recommendations?

  2. good stuff so far, keep it up! nice detailed reviews, very in depth. they seem to be quite scientific, unlike my own which are just random.
    i will keep checking back, hope to see more!

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